10 Must Haves in All Vacation Rentals


Exploring ways to impress your guest and create an exceptional experience? Ensure a sensational stay and get rated with 5-star reviews by having these 10 amenities readily available.

Guarantee Good Vibes


1. Speaker with Bluetooth or Aux cord.

The power of music is a beautiful thing. Set a lively, groovy, or romantic mood in your rental by supplying a speaker. Make sure the speaker produces quality sound and is compatible with multiple devices.

2. Cards, Games, Books.

Encourage families and friends to create memories in your rental by providing interactive entertainment. Buy or bring second-hand items from your home, but make sure they are fully intact.

3. Wine and Beer opener + Glasses

Beer and wine will get opened regardless; enable a good time with drinking essentials.

4. Guest Information Book

Construct a guest book that embodies the spirit of your destination. Recommend  food, drink, and entertainment spots. Assist in decision-making with current menus, brochures, and maps. We add in business cards of a local massage therapist who travels to clients’ homes.

Sprucing up made Effortless.

11 Porcupine Ct
Need Professional photos of your vacation rental?  Photo By Jaime Del Pizzo
5.Quality Shampoo, Conditioner, Soap, Lotions and Hair Dryer.

Who has time to squeeze shampoo into carry-on approved travel tubes? Vamp up your rental’s bathroom(s) with complementary toiletries.

To save money without skimping we buy bulk containers and refill the shower sized pump bottles.

6. Arsenal of cleaning supplies.

Tuck away the essentials for tidying up under the sink or in a closet. Keep it simple and include reusable clothes, kitchen cleaner, all-purpose, a sponge, and disinfectant wipes.

Ingredients for Success in the Kitchen


7. Spices and condiments

Basic spices, sugar, flour, and cooking oil will make cooking more convenient. For a complete fridge stock condiments such as ketchup, mustard, BBQ sauce, and jelly. Extra flavors in the kitchen help spice up guests’ meals and save them from buying excess supplies at the store.

8. Ice, Potholders, and a Pizza cutter

Certain kitchen essentials are prone to being overlooked. Be systematic and practical when stocking a kitchen; if there is no ice maker provide ice trays and an ice bucket, if there is an oven provide potholders and a pizza slicer.

Going the Extra Mile


9. Fan

Guests expect a good night’s sleep; prevent a sleepless night of tossing and turning by strategically placing fans in rooms with limited circulation.

10. Outdoor Items

Accommodate with outdoor items specific to the area’s activities and the current season. Facilitate adventure with sunscreen, hand warmers, beach towels, bikes, snow shoes, and other outdoor gear.

photo credits: Photo 1 by: Mark Solarski; Photo 2 & 4 by: Tod Quackenbush; Photo 3 
by: Jaime Del Pizzo; Photo 5 by: Alian Wong

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